SUSTAINABLE BUILDING AND DESIGN Swift Handyman Services is committed to building better homes for our clients using superior design, installation methods and materials. "Green" means much more than just environmentally friendly construction, it also includes methods and materials which allow us to build you a home which is healthier, more economical to operate, comfortable as well as environmentally friendly. Using sustainable practices and materials benefits both the environment and our clients. Sustainable or "green" construction produces numerous benefits. Building "green" may include: Healthier and More Comfortable Home Environment •Using building materials designed to minimize and resist mold and fungus growth which can harm the health of the homeowner •Better envelope sealing to avoid water infiltration •Improved ventilation systems which can save money while improving indoor air quality •Low voc building materials to reduce/or eliminate unhealthy off gassing •Superior sealing methods to prevent escaping of gases from mechanical equipment •Sealing/protection from pollutants in crawl spaces and attics •Radiant heating to improve indoor air and provide heath benefits •Removal of harmful materials such as lead, asbestos and mold •Keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer •Better balance of mechanical systems •Soundproofing systems to make home more enjoyable   Indoor air pollutants may be 20-100 times greater than outdoor pollutants. Indoor air pollution is ranked among the top 5 environmental risks to public health by the EPA. Cost Savings •Lower heating and cooling bills through superior mechanical installations including better sealing, sizing and balancing of systems •Improved insulation materials and methods •Energy Star rated efficient fixtures, appliances, door and windows •Solar power •More efficient lighting fixtures and controls •Instant hot water systems •Superior installation methods and materials which reduce maintenance and repair costs and increase longevity Sustainable Construction •Using sustainably grown and harvested lumber •Incorporating fast growing materials such as bamboo and cork •Re-use of salvaged building materials into new projects •Donating of salvaged material for re-use •Re-cycle debris •Using materials which incorporate by products such as concrete fly ash Swift Handyman Services has extensive training in green construction methods and materials. Swift Handyman Services is a Certified Green Builder and an EPA Certified Lead Renovator. Building "Green" means building better and smarter