How It Works The short answer, is that we are very flexible, and will do everything possible to accommodate your needs. There are two primary ways that our clients hire us: By the Hour and By Project.   Not sure which method is best for you? Give us a call, and we can discuss this with you. Also, here's a little more info below about hiring us by-the-hour. Here is info about hiring us by- the-job, and info about how we can accommodate unique commercial project requirements. Hiring Swift Handyman by the Hour Many projects (or clients) are best suited to hiring us as hourly skilled labor. Pricing is by the hour, for actual labor services performed, plus materials used on your behalf. This is also often referred to in the industry as "Time and Materials" contracting. Our rates vary, depending on the nature and quantity of the work being performed. This is the easiest way to engage us: just give us a call to reserve some time on our work schedule (or use our request appointment online form)- and one of our Service Technicians will arrive on time, ready to work. You can tell us about the nature of your project when booking your service appointment- or just wait until your Technician arrives, and you can explain your project to him in person. Situations well-suited to By-The-Hour pricing: •To-Do Lists. •Very small projects. •Larger projects- but in situations where the overall project scope isn't clearly defined. Maybe you want to make design choices as the project progresses, do some of the work yourself, or tackle the project in stages. •Projects that require initial troubleshooting and/or diagnostic work. Water damage, wood rot, and electrical issues are common situations where estimating a contract price for an overall repair is not possible, without some initial troubleshooting and exploratory work. We generally recommend hiring us by the hour first- to perform the initial troubleshooting and exploratory work. Hiring Swift Handyman by Project This method is where you hire us to complete a project, with a defined scope of work, for a pre-agreed price. The first step in our process, is to schedule an on site consultation. We'll provide you with a written, no obligation estimate. Note that for some small projects- we may be able to estimate a price for you over the phone, and you won't even need to have us out for a site estimate. Hiring contractors by project is best suited for well-scoped, and clearly defined projects. The more clearly defined your project scope- the more accurately we can provide a fixed price to complete it.